Consultation Agreement

By completing and submitting this form, I understand that neither Unhooked Media, Unhooked Books, LLC and/or Megan L. Hunter are providing me with legal services or advice, nor therapy services or advice, but rather informing me about general problems, patterns and approaches that may be considered in high-conflict disputes with high-conflict personalities. I understand that Unhooked Media, Unhooked Books, LLC and/or Megan Hunter encourage me to seek ongoing consultation with local professionals for mutual learning in handling high-conflict cases. I understand that Megan Hunter is not a therapist or attorney, but rather an educator about high-conflict patterns. I hereby release Unhooked Media Unhooked Books, LLC, and Megan Hunter from any liability for my actions and decisions in my case(s) and/or situation. I understand that this consultation session is intended to be confidential, but does not have the confidentiality protections of a therapist-client or attorney-client relationship.

I understand and agree that the fee for educational consultation services with Megan Hunter is $100 per hour by the quarter hour, with a half hour minimum.

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