New Ways for Families workbooks

A new way for parents to reorganize their families during divorce, and immunize their families from becoming high-conflict during & after divorce. Helps parents develop new ways of making decisions, communicating, and planning for children.

Parenting Plan

A developmentally-informed way of creating a child-centered parenting plan that allows you as parents to better understand the intricate decisions that will guide the future of your parenting rights and responsibilities and keep your children's best interests at the center.

Parenting Without Conflict Online Class

This twelve session online co-parenting course is designed to help you be the best parent you can be under the circumstances you are in. It can be helpful to any parent, but it specifically covers issues for parents going through a separation or divorce.

Divorce Workbook

Designed for people beginning to work with an attorney for their divorce proceedings. Its clear, easy-to-follow instructions help clients identify their goals and priorities for their futures. This workbook guides divorcing parents make goal-based decisions that reduces conflict.

How to Write BIFF Responses

BIFF Responses help parents respond to hostile emails, texts, social media meltdowns, and other communications. It's designed to stop or contain conflict between parents! It saves time, frustration and money on lawyers &parenting coordinators.

Our Family wizard

A digital communication tool that provides parents with the tools that you need to organize your shared parenting and reduce conflict between you and your co-parent, leaving you with more time to spend with your children. A convenient communication and record-keeping tool.


For separated or divorcing parents. Packed with critical background information and useful exercises that ultimately help parents avoid wasting time on negative interactions and instead develop healthy methods for co-parenting that put their children first.

SPLIT: a film for kids of divorce (and their parents)

A hope-filled video & guide for divorcing parents to use along with their children to help them express feelings about their parent's divorce. Helps parents understand their children's perspective & helps kids feel less alone & anxious.