Parenting Without Conflict

12-session online interactive co-parenting course for parents going through separation or divorce, especially high-conflict. By Bill Eddy.

New Ways for Families Guides & Manuals

For professionals to use with clients, the New Ways for Families method teaches new skills to prepare for settlement. By Bill Eddy.


For clients beginning to work with an attorney. Clear, easy-to-follow instructions help clients identify goals and priorities for their futures.


For divorcing parents to help parents develop healthy and successful methods for co-parenting that reduce conflict and put their children first.


How to Write BIFF Responses

The BIFF method helps you and clients respond to hostile emails, texts, social media and other communications to contain conflict. By Bill Eddy.

Ten Child-Centered Forensic Family Evaluation Tools

Unique annotated volume and forms on included CD that provide you with ten forensic family evaluation tools ready for immediate use. By Dr. Ben Garber.

Training for divorce & family law professionals

Training for professionals on high-conflict divorce, coparenting, custody disputes, personality disorders, mediation and more.

Child's Voice

Tool for professionals that provide interviewers with tools that stimulate conversation and support the child in providing a description of his/her life, views and wishes.