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1) Your organization will provide Unhooked Books with 2-4 tables (depending on conference size) in a prominent location in the exhibit area/food reception area that receives heavy traffic from conference attendees. 2) Unhooked Books will provide top-selling books that are relevant to your attendees and will provide a link to you to share with speakers for book recommendations. 3) Unhooked Books will be responsible for shipping books in advance of the conference, credit card payment equipment/instructions, and cash for making change. 4) Your organization will be responsible for supplying a volunteer who will receive and display the book, handle on-site sales, and ship remaining books back to Unhooked Books within seven days of the end of the conference along with credit card processing equipment, and a check representing cash sales from the conference. Shipment must be neatly packed to ensure books do not get jolted around during shipment (to prevent damage-thank you). 5) Unhooked Books will pay to your organization a ten (10) percent commission on sales of books transacted at your conference within thirty (30) days of the end of the conference. 6) Unhooked Books is authorized to promote your conference through social media and its newsletter. 7) Your organization will include Unhooked Books' logo and website URL in marketing materials/website.
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Name to whom check should be made payable to
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