Coaching for BIFF Response®

Coaching for BIFF Response®


Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.

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Coaching for BIFF Response®

Coaching for BIFF Responses is a 50-minute video that teaches a 10-question model for coaching anyone to write responses that are Brief, Informative, Friendly and Firm (“BIFF Responses”). High Conflict Institute has taught the BIFF method for over six years and it is changing the conversation in divorce cases, in the workplace, between neighbors and among family members.

This video includes videotape examples of coaching everyday people to use the BIFF method. It’s not as easy as it looks! This training session should help you improve your BIFF skills and your coaching skills.

For anyone working with people: lawyers, counselors, teachers, managers, healthcare workers, administrators, government officials – or anyone!

Video Info

Intended Audience:  anyone working with people
Publication date:  2013
Length:  50 minutes
Presenter/Author:  Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. 
ISBN: 978-1-936268-76-4

Presenter/Author Info

Bill Eddy is a therapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and a lawyer (Certified Family Law Specialist), and has been practicing family mediation for approximately 30 years. He is a Founding Board Member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators and the Senior Family Mediator at the National Conflict Resolution Center based in San Diego, California.

He is also the author of several books including High Conflict People in Legal Disputes and Splitting: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Bill is President of the High Conflict Institute, which provides training in the New Ways for Mediation method and other programs for managing high-conflict personalities in many settings.

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