The Successful Single Mom Get Your Life Back

The Successful Single Mom Get Your Life Back


Honoree Corder

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The Successful Single Mom book is your therapist, BFF, coach, and personal trainer … all rolled into one. Written by a business coach and former single mom, when you read this book you'll feel like you're getting big sisterly advice (and a hug!) from someone you've known forever. You'll feel inspired to begin your transformation and become the mom and woman you've always known you could be.

The Successful Single Mom is the only book series for single moms written in a positive, can-do voice, from the coaching perspective, by an executive coach who was also a single mom. This book provides the roadmap for creating the life you want, starting instantly, today, with the encouragement you need. 

Honoree’s practical, encouraging advice gives you a road map to start creating your ideal path today! 
In this book, you’ll discover: --How to rebuild your personal and professional lives to feel like you again. --How to develop your support system. --How to improve your attitude and enjoy the cool things single mom life has to offer. --How to create a plan and action steps to put you on the path to success. --How to be an incredible role model for your kids, and much, much more! Buy the funny, encouraging book to pave your new future today!

Praise for THE SUCCESSFUL SINGLE MOM Book & Series

"I wish I had discovered this series about ten years ago when I was recently a single mother of four, without a high school education and no prospects. While I have since found my way in the world, I obviously have a few things to learn and reading this book was very helpful." ~Marianne Curtis, Author
"This isn't just another book to help you feel good, this is a book with a plan!" ~Christina Plaisted, single mom


Honoree is the author of The Successful Single Mom Book Series, The Successful Single Dad, and the books Play2Pay: How to Market Your College-Bound Student-Athlete for Scholarship Money, Paying4College: How to Save 25-50% on Your Child's College Education, and Tall Order! Seven Master Strategies to Organize Your Life and Double Your Success in Half the Time. She has created Single Mom Transformation Program, The STMA (Short-term Massive Action) 100-Day Action Plan Coaching Program, as well as The Tall Order! Success System and The Referral-Only Business System self-study courses. SUCCESSFUL SINGLE MOM. Honoree is the proud mom of Lexi, a precocious 13 year old seventh-grader who teaches her new things about success every day. She does her very best to live what she teaches, and she teaches it so she remembers to live it. BLISSED OUT NEWLYWED. Using the tools in this book prepared her to attract and marry her fantastic new husband. ENTHUSIASTIC MENTOR. She coaches entrepreneurs, senior-level professionals and single moms to live their ultimate lives through her ground-breaking Successful Single Mom Transformation Program. She teaches an Effortless Living class in her home for single moms, moms and women interested in living a life of abundance and happiness. SINGLE MOM BLOG. Her blog reaches thousands of single moms each week, providing tips, tools, strategies, ideas and recipes for making the most of yourself, your mommy-ness, and your life.