The Transformative Negotiator

The Transformative Negotiator


Michele Huff, JD

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This innovative book presents a transformative approach to negotiation that weaves together the spiritual and the strategic. You’ll learn a profoundly effective way of communication that helps you move past the ordinary mechanics of negotiations and achieve realistic goals and positive, lasting outcomes. This holistic, mindful method will change the way you interact with people in all areas of life. A down-to-earth approach to negotiating that focuses on connecting with others and coming to an agreement, rather than simply “winning.”

The Transformative Negotiator is a beautifully written meditation on the art of human interaction. Huff writes from the heart, not just the head. The book is easy to read, with practical advice and an engaging wide range of stories about how to come to agreement.
Natalie Goldberg, bestselling author of Writing Down the Bones, Wild Mind, and The True Secret of Writing


Michèle Huff is an attorney who has negotiated on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, including Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems, and Canal+ and start-up companies, including Kalepa Networks and Cinnafilm. She has also negotiated on behalf of hundreds of individual clients and manages the Archer Law Group, a firm specializing in protecting and licensing creative properties.

Since 2008, she has been the University of New Mexico’s lawyer for research, technology and intellectual property. She negotiates agreements with industry, academic institutions, and governmental agencies on a regular basis. Michèle has taught intellectual property and licensing at the University of New Mexico’s School of Law, and has led negotiation workshops for local community foundations, technology venture associations, and business incubators. In May, she co-presented a session on Transformative Negotiation at NBIA’s 28th International Conference on Business Incubation in New Orleans. She was named one of Albuquerque Business First’s 2014 Women of Influence.

Book Info

Publisher: Unhooked Books
Publication date: April 2015
Binding: softcover
Pages:  173
ISBN (print): 978-1-936268-80-1
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-936268-81-8

The cover is a beautiful painting titled The Great Tree (Banyan) by Natalie Goldberg who graciously lent it for purposesof enhancing the message of this book. The publisher and author are eternally grateful to her. Visit her website here:


“The skills covered in this precise volume will “transform” both negotiated outcomes and the participants themselves. Accomplished negotiator and attorney Michèle Huff draws from Buddhist concepts of mindfulness, her personal business experiences, and examples ranging from Nelson Mandela, Henry Kissinger, and the Dalai Lama to explain core techniques that work as well as those that do not. Simple exercises throughout illustrate key concepts readers can make their own. From awareness of physical aspects such as posture and breathing, to controlling anger, and the sophisticated practice of humility, these techniques will prove invaluable any time negotiation partners need to come to agreement and in everyday life.”
Marie Longserre, CEO Santa Fe Business Incubator, former Board Chair National Business Incubation Association

“Huff layers MBA level negotiation theory, lifelong experience, cross-cultural negotiation and practice of deeper wisdom in a series of clearly explained and immensely pragmatic examples. The Transformative Negotiator stresses the brain/body connection, our interdependence as human beings, as well as meditation techniques that lead to successful outcomes. It is a book you want to have handy in the midst of any negotiation from teenage kids to members of the board.”
Miko Matsumura, Speaker, Silicon Valley Startup Advisor, Technology Evangelist and author of the blog

“A concise and pleasurable read, The Transformative Negotiator takes the well-known basic tenets of negotiation and goes beyond to showcase the importance of connection in successful negotiations. Drawing on historical examples and her personal experience, Huff creates a book that, along with a sprinkling of realistic exercises throughout, will push your awareness of self and your ability to negotiate successfully to the next level.”
Michael B. Horn, author, Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Education, Clayton Christensen Institute, named one of the 100 most important people in the advancement of the use of technology in education by Tech & Learning magazine