Working With High Conflict Clients: Ethics & Risk Management

Working With High Conflict Clients: Ethics & Risk Management


Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.

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This 6-hour seminar was presented to over 350 counselors in Pennsylvania, but can be useful for anyone dealing with potentially high conflict clients or helping their clients deal with a high conflict person in their lives.

The DVD training includes:

  • five common personality patterns of high-conflict behavior;
  • recent brain research in managing high-conflict clients;
  • how to avoid boundary violations with high-conflict clients;
  • four-step method of working with high-conflict clients;
  • how to manage confidentiality issues and duties to warn others of risks;
  • risks & opportunities of new roles in conflict settings;
  • professional standards of care to avoid malpractice risks;
  • and how to avoid burn-out and negativity while working with high-conflict clients.

Home study test provided if you wish to take the home study test for 6 CE credits.