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Megan Hunter, MBA, is an international speaker and author on the topic of complicated relationships. She is the founder and CEO of Unhooked Media, a publishing and speaking company focusing on new thinking about complicated relationships and high-conflict disputes, including: Unhooked Books, and High Conflict Institute Press. Megan has trained legal, mental health, business, leadership groups, universities and other professionals across the United States, Canada and Australia in the area of high-conflict family, legal and business disputes. As staff to the Arizona Legislature’s Domestic Relations and Child Support Committee she gained a broad understanding of the issues facing both families and professionals in family law. She also served on the Board of Psychologist Examiners and currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Personality Disorder Awareness Network. Listen as Megan is interviewed by Dr. Michael Aranoff on Doctor Talk, Sirius XM on Sirius XM Radio.