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Want parenting advice that is punchy, timely and immediately usable without complicated steps to follow? Then this magazine is a must read. Curated by parents with only expert author contents with proven track records, this is a parenting magazine unlike any that you’ve ever read.

We are thrilled to introduce Healthy Parents Happy Kids, the premiere magazine focused on helping parents shape their children’s future. Our goal with Healthy Parents Happy Kids is to create a hub for community building and offer a forum for parenting news. Dedicated entirely to the betterment of the world of parenting, Healthy Parents Happy Kids operates on child-focused parenting.

Our vision for Healthy Parents Happy Kids is to help parents comprehend that everything they do impact their child’s future—their physical, mental, and emotional health. Healthy Parents Happy Kids will not shy away from controversy. Instead, when we feature biased or opinionated pieces, we will always try to represent both sides of the issue.
Healthy Parents Happy Kids welcomes you all with open arms to join us in our efforts toward a bright future. We look forward to what’s to come. Join us!

By Dr. Lynne Kenney & Wendy Young

Written for real parents with anxious, angry and over-the-top kids, Bloom is a brain-based approach to parenting all children. Stop second-guessing the way you handle misbehaviors, and learn why they occur in the first place. Come to understand the developmental origins of behaviors and take a fresh look at how you can address them with skill-building techniques that produce real and lasting change.

Taking its lead from neuroscience and best practices in early childhood mental health, Bloom offers parents, teachers and care providers the words, thoughts and actions to raise calm, confident children, while reducing the need for consequences and punishment.

The first book of its kind, Bloom provides pages full of printable mantras you can carry with you, hang on your fridge or use in your classroom to raise emotionally competent kids. Bloom allows you to take a collaborative stance with your children, improving their cognitive, emotional and social skills. Bloom offers a new approach to human relationships that will change the way you perceive, think and feel about parenting, love, work and life. Bloom changes everything. If it works wonders with anxious, angry and over-the-top kids, imagine what it can do for your child.

It offers more than just a one-time read! And it's filled with resources to other great books and websites that are helpful to any parents!

The Healthy Parent's ABCs
By Dr. Benjamin D. Garber

Twenty-six letters. Twenty-six lessons. Caregiving environments, schools and child-centered organizations assign one letter per week to complete the alphabet in full twice each year!

This fun little book is a simple “how to” guide for new parents. It is intended to be a quick and easy way to get professional parenting advice in small bites! The Healthy Parent's ABCs is parenting made simple. Laid out in twenty-six sections corresponding to the letters of the English alphabet, couples, groups or classes can move from one lesson to the next, one letter at a time. It’s an entire curriculum for anyone!

Well-suited to the needs and abilities of both moms and dads, it spans parents of any age from any culture, from parents with little or no education, limited English and financial resources to those with advanced educational degrees. The goal is to empower parents to raise healthier kids by:

• being clear, calm and safe
• building consistency between parenting partners
• building both consistency and partnerships between parents, teachers and other caregivers

5 Steps to Teaching Kids How They Think: Musical Thinking
By Dr. Lynne Kenney

Millions of children face challenges with inattention, impulsivity, cognitive inflexibility and disorganization, yet strategies and solutions to are elusive. Using The Musical Thinking Quartet—The Love Notes—in this book, Dr. Kenney offers clear strategies and solutions for parents, teachers and clinicians with reproducible printables and activities to help children think, learn and behave better while playing, laughing, and singing!