Bill Eddy

BILL EDDY, LCSW, ESQ is the author of twenty + books, a lawyer, therapist, mediator and the co-founder and Training Director of High Conflict Institute. He is an international expert on managing disputes involving high conflict personalities and personality disorders in court. He developed the New Ways for Families, New Ways for Work and New Ways for Mediation methods for handling divorce, workplace and mediation disputes.

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BENJAMIN GARBER, PHD, author of Holding Tight/Letting GoRoadmap to the Parenting Plan Worksheet and other titles, is a licensed psychologist, a former Guardian ad litem and a Parenting Coordinator. He is a nationally renowned speaker, researcher and an award-winning freelance journalist, and speaks in the U.S. and abroad on family law and healthy coparenting.

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MEGAN HUNTER, MBA, co-author of Dating Radar; co-author of The High-Conflict Co-Parenting Survival Guide; and author of Bait & Switch, is an expert on high-conflict disputes. She is CEO & co-founder of the High Conflict Institute, and publisher at Unhooked Media focusing on relationship and conflict revolution through print, digital and the spoken word. Megan is a frequent keynote speaker and educator of legal, workplace, and mental health professionals.

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Shehrina Rooney

SHEHRINA ROONEY is author of The Big Book on Borderline Personality Disorder. Her YouTube channel, Recovery Mum, where she provides info on BPD has 12,000+ subscribers. She co-founded in 2017. After struggling for more than half her life with fear of abandonment, self-hatred, anger, and addiction, she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder at age 21. Through her recovery utilizing dialectical behavior therapy and 12-step meetings, she realized peer support could work for BPD. Today, she dedicates her life to encouraging others who face the same struggles. 

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Ellie Izzo.jpg

ELLIE IZZO, Ph.D., L.P.C., co-author of Second-Hand Shock and the Just Stop Series is co-founder and core trainer with the Vicarious Trauma Institute and the Collaborative Divorce Institute. She is the creator of an innovative app for enhancing emotional intelligence. Dr. Izzo developed the Rapid Advance Process, a standardized five-step model for building neural pathways to higher thinking to help victims of childhood trauma.

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DONALD SAPOSNEK, PHD is co-author of Splitting America, a clinical-child psychologist, child custody mediator, and family therapist in private practice for over 40 years. He is a trainer of mediation and teacher of child development, Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine University School of Law's Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution and,is on the psychology faculty at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

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Amanda+Smith 2.jpg

AMANDA L. SMITH, LCSW,  author of The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Wellness Planner and The Borderline Personality Disorder Wellness Planner for Families, is the founder of Hope for BPD where she provides treatment consultation and case management for clients around the world. She also publishes My Dialectical Life--a daily email dedicated to DBT skills. Amanda received her MSW at Baylor University and is a DBT therapist in Waco, Texas. 

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LAUREL STARKS,  author of The House Matters in Divorce is a divorce real estate specialist. She speaks frequently on real estate and divorce issues to legal, collaborative divorce, and mediation organizations. A former host of the talk radio program Real Estate Matters, Starks also serves as an expert witness in real estate matters related to divorce cases. She was named on the prestigious list of Inman's Real Estate Influencers of 2017.  

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MICHAEL LOMAX, JD, is a mediator and conflict resolution trainer in workplace and family conflict. He practiced law for 22 years and is currently a non-practicing member of the Law Society of BC. A speaker/trainer with the High Conflict Institute in San Diego, CA, he regularly delivers training on dealing with high conflict personalities across Canada and the United States for government, corporations, military and law enforcement agencies, human resources and union organizations.

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DEBRA K CARTER, PHD, author of CoParenting After Divorce, is a licensed psychologist and recognized expert in parenting coordination. She is co-founder of the National Cooperative Parenting Center and founder of Carter Psychology Center. She is a frequent keynote speaker across the U.S., Italy, and Singapore and has worked with the Italian government to advance family law in that country.

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LOWEN CLARKE, author of Sam the Tram’s Dance Club and inventor of Empowerment Script™, has a doctorate in therapeutic arts practice and is trained in clinical hypnotherapy. He has researched the social and psychological aspects of trauma for many years. He lives in Maryborough, Australia, and served on the National Trust W-class tram committee, which saved the Melbourne W-class tram fleet.

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GEORGI DISTEFANO, LCSW, co-author of It's All Your Fault at Work and New Ways for Work is a California-based, award-winning social worker who has served as a clinician, program director, trainer, and consultant throughout her career. She has worked as a trainer for NASW on alcohol/substance dependency and has been invited to speak on her work in the United States and abroad. 

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STEPHEN CARTER, PhD, author of Family Restructuring Therapy, is a Registered Psychologist in Canada where he works with children, adolescents and adults focusing on therapeutic interventions and assessments of families involved in high-conflict separation and divorce. He provides training on family restructuring therapy, high-conflict divorce, assessment, along with providing expert witness testimony, and is adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, University of Alberta.

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LYNNE KENNEY, PSYD, co-author of Bloom and author of Musical Thinking, is a mother of two and a practicing pediatric psychologist. She has advanced fellowship training in forensic psychology and developmental pediatric psychology from MA General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Harbor-UCLA/UCLA Medical School. She speaks about enhancing executive function, social & academic skills with motor movement.

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Melanie Lane

MELANIE LANE, MD, CPCC, author of The 9 Daily Habits of Healthy People, is director of Dr. Lane, Healthy Living Coach and ZING! Empowerment Coaching, where she coaches people struggling to achieve better health. She is a board-certified Family Physician who favors promoting wellness over treating illness. She received her Professional Co-Active Coach Certification from the prestigious Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA in July of 2010.

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JESSICA NICELY, author of All My Friends are Zerosis a dedicated advocate for child abuse prevention, awareness and treatment. Jessica’s career in helping children spans over 17 years and includes her assistance of numerous charitable child abuse prevention organizations. She founded Winged Hope Family Advocacy Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to child abuse and domestic violence prevention, awareness and treatment.

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SAVANNAH J SANDERS, author of Sex Trafficking Prevention, is a leading advocate in the effort to stop child sex trafficking in the U.S.  She is an expert consultant and educator in the field of human trafficking, and involved in several non-profit organizations, including Well Founded Hope, Mending the Soul, and a large network of survivor advocates. She speaks on the topic of human trafficking and sex trafficking prevention globally.

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WENDY YOUNG, LMSW, BCD, co-author of Bloom, is the mom of three, an award-winning child and family therapist and an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant. She is Clinical Director of Comprehensive Counseling & Consulting. Her writing has appeared in magazines and featured in several books. She is recognized world-wide as a thought leader in early childhood and adolescent mental health.

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MICHÈLE HUFF, JD,  author of The Transformative Negotiator is an attorney who has negotiated on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, including Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems, and Canal+ and start-up companies. She has also negotiated on behalf of hundreds of individual clients and manages the Archer Law Group, a firm specializing in protecting and licensing creative properties. 

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ALLAN KORITZINSKY, JD,  co-author of Game Theory & the Transformation of Family Law is a retired partner with Foley & Lardner LLP in Wisconsin. Mr. Koritzinsky has focused on divorce law, alternative dispute resolution has authored or co-authored numerous articles and books and lectured in lawyer and judicial continuing education seminars throughout his career. 

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ANDREA LAROCHELLE is a Registered Family Mediator with over fifteen years’ experience helping families through the challenges of separation and divorce. She is a trainer and speaker with the High Conflict Institute and serves on the board of the Alberta Family Mediation Society. She specializes in showing parents how to improve co-parenting communication and manage conflict more effectively, so their kids can focus on being kids.

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KENNETH WALDRON, PHD,  co-author of Game Theory & the Transformation of Family Law is a clinical psychologist in Monona, WI. Dr. Waldron has published research on topics related to children of divorce and provides training to judges, lawyers and mental health providers in the U.S. and internationally. He provides forensic services, including custody evaluations and expert testimony on divorce-related issues.

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VCarpelMiller 2018.jpg

VICKI CARPEL MILLER, BSN, LMFT, is co-author of Second-Hand Shock and the Just Stop Series. She is co-founder of the  Vicarious Trauma Institute, and the Collaborative Divorce Institute. She is an educator in the field of vicarious trauma, collaborative practice,in which she educates family lawyers, licensed mental health and financial professionals. Vicki is co-founder and past President of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Arizona and functions as a Divorce Coach, Child Specialist and/or Case Manager in Collaborative Divorce files.

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NADIA SHAHRAM, JD, practices matrimonial mediation in Buffalo, NY. Born in Tehran, she later was sent to Canada to finish high school where she developed a vision for her life that included moving to the United States, becoming an Iranian version of Barbara Walters, and then returning to her home country. Although she did eventually move to the States, the rest of her dream was interrupted by the 1979 Iranian revolution and the long war that followed.

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