High Conflict Institute Press
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High Conflict Institute Press (HCI Press) is an independent publishing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, along with Unhooked Books, an imprint of HCI Press. Most of our titles are published under the Unhooked Books imprint. We are distributed through Consortium Sales & Distribution, an Ingram Company.

What we publish

  • antisocial personality disorder
  • vicarious trauma
  • parenting
  • physical wellness
  • dialectical behavior therapy wellness
  • self-help
  • child abuse, domestic violence and sex trafficking prevention
  • complicated relationships

Our primary focus is relationship improvement through conflict resolution. Our core areas are:

  • divorce and coparenting
  • high-conflict disputes
  • high-conflict personalities
  • borderline personality disorder
  • narcissistic personality disorder
  • histrionic personality disorder

Rights & Permissions

To inquire about rights of any kind (subsidiary, translation, foreign, serialization, book club, other performance), reproduction, or to request permission to use an excerpt or to reprint copyrighted material, please write a letter of inquiry addressed to us below. Your letter must include:

• Title of the book
• Full name of the author of the book
• Specific material in the book you'd like to use, including page #'s
• The way in which you'd like to use the material. Please be specific.
• Your name, address, phone number and email address

Please send your written request via the contact form below or by written request to:

HCI Press/Unhooked Books
7701 E. Indian School Rd., Ste. F
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


HCI Press publishes books with a focus on the cutting-edge field of high-conflict disputes in business, law/courts, family, divorce, education, government and the community. Directed primarily at professionals who deal with high-conflict disputes or people (the most difficult "difficult" people), HCI Press titles provide solutions to the increasing problem of high-conflict personalities in society.

Our imprint, Unhooked Books, focuses on books that support the goal of improving complicated relationships, whether in parenting and co-parenting, romance (dating and marriage), at work and business, and the community in general.

We value manuscripts that solve problems in a fresh, cutting-edge way. If your manuscript matches our priorities and goals, please forward the following materials via the contact form below:

  • 2-3 paragraph summary explaining the purpose of the book and the problem it will solve
  • table of contents with 2-3 sentences explaining the purpose of each chapter
  • intended audience
  • why this book would be of interest to our readers
  • sample chapters (2 or more)
  • your author bio, including education, other publications, etc.
  • your social media reach and speaking history
  • other books that are similar to yours or in a similar category

We will get back to you with questions or a decision in approximately 6-8 weeks. Between 40,000-50,000 books are published in the U.S. each year. Competition is stiff. A great book that solves a problem, alleviates pain and confusion, increases productivity and profit, and helps people get unhooked from bad relationships and negative thinking are given top priority with us.

Thank you for considering publishing with us. If your book is great, we are interested!


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