BIFF: 4 Ways to Respond to Hostile Comments Get respect with responses that are Brief, Informative, Friendly, and Firm.

Hostile comments can show up anywhere, including in emails, letters, on Facebook, comments to internet articles and in-person. Should you ignore them? React in the same hostile tone? Or is there a better way?

A BIFF Response® is a way to respond that usually puts a stop to the hostilities, while leaving you feeling good about yourself. BIFF stands for Brief, Informative, Friendly and Firm. We have been teaching this method for the past 12 years and the feedback has been universally positive.

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With new school year, reset your children’s routines

Parenting is about rhythm.

Sure, it helps if you can sing and dance (or think that you can, no matter the reality). But parenting is about the rhythms of eating and sleeping and toileting. It’s about the rhythms of awake and asleep, quiet and active, together and apart. The rhythms of sunrise and sunset, summer-fall-winter-spring run nature. The rhythms of the school week followed by weekend, holidays and traffic lights run society. Our job as healthy parents is to slowly and gradually help our children fit in to these rhythm

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Parents: It’s time to start thinking “back to school”

Yes, it’s that time again. We’re quickly reaching the end of what seemed last May like an infinitely long tunnel called summer. Whether you’ve vacationed and tanned and exercised, read that book or weeded that garden or accomplished any of the million or so chores you had planned for the season, it’s almost too late now. It’s time to stop procrastinating about what could have been and what should have happened. It’s time to start thinking about school.

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