brain bridge books

an imprint of unhooked books


It all started when…

I met a kind gentleman, Lowen Clarke, at a conference in New York City in 2019. Lowen had an exhibitor booth where he was displaying a book he’d written and illustrated called Sam the Tram’s Dance Club. Unlike any other book in the world, it was written in a back and forth writing style—a style invented by the ancient Greeks—and one that he recognized as having potential to help connect the two hemispheres of the brains of those impacted by trauma and dissociation.

We offered Lowen a publishing contract because we believed in him, the book, and the promising future of this back and forth writing that Lowen coined Empowerment Script™. We believe it has potential to heal the mind, and holds promise for helping ADHD and dyslexia.

Thus was born Brain Bridge Books, an imprint of Unhooked Books. All books published under the Brain Bridge Books imprint will be written in Empowerment Script™. The first is Lowen’s inaugural title, Sam the Tram’s Dance Club.

We hope you enjoy Empowerment Script™. Try it here (Jane Jane Eyre, An Autobiography by Charlotte Bronte - in Empowerment Script™).

Lowen Adrian Megan Melbourne.jpg

Megan Hunter, Lowen Clarke, Adrian Masterman-Smith with the Australian edition of Sam the Tram’s Dance Club
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
June 2019