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Back in 1999, as a child support caseworker in a tiny county in northwest Nebraska, I began to realize that many people wanted good relationships but either didn’t know the how or the why secrets to having them. This led me to get mediation training, which eventually led me to family law. In this context I witnessed the strange phenomenon of failing marriages, hot-tempered custody battles, and years of battling over the kids well past childhood. The question of why some people just can’t get along, and even worse, seem to create and crave conflict, plagued me. Then, one day in 2005, I read an article in a monthly mediation newsletter about personality disorders and high-conflict disputes and the light bulbs came on. I phoned the author, a lawyer and therapist named Bill Eddy, who quickly accepted my invitation to train the family court judges in my state. The rest, as they say, is history. He spoke, they listened. I left my position at the Arizona Supreme Court because I knew that the thousands of people involved in family court cases needed Mr. Eddy’s information to help them handle high-conflict cases.

His way of thinking about relationships and conflict between people was grounded in brain science. Since then, I’ve been drawn to anyone who studies the brain and puts the pieces together. So I began publishing their work in books, and then training, and then in digital media through blogs, then social media, and finally in training and speaking around the globe. A group of brainy thought-leaders.

I’m humbled, grateful and proud to share their brain-space and offer their work to a broader audience around the planet.

Gratefully and kindly,

Megan Hunter


Before entering media, Megan was co-founder of High Conflict Institute in San Diego, California, and founder and owner of the publishing company, HCI Press and its imprint, Unhooked Books. In the past, she was the Family Law and Child Support Specialist at the Arizona Supreme Court specializing in policy, legislation, judicial training and her specialty – connector of the disciplines.

After volunteering with family and relationship-focused non-profits, she turned her focus to prevention of relationship destruction. She speaks about complicated relationships and high-conflict disputes, spending significant time speaking across much of Australia. She graduated from Chadron State College with degrees in business and economics, and holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Her current board memberships include the Personality Disorder Awareness Network, and previously the Association of Family & Conciliation Courts--Arizona chapter, Arizona Family Support Council, The Box Project, and the Nebraska Child Support Enforcement Association.s