Melanie Lane

MELANIE LANE, MD, CPCC, is a board-certified family physician who favors promoting wellness over treating illness.

Dr. Lang is CEO of Dr. Lane, Healthy Living Coach and ZING! Empowerment Coaching, where she coaches people struggling to achieve better health. She educates, inspires, and empowers her clients to design and actually integrate a healthy, fulfilling, enjoyable lifestyle.

Beyond her medical career, her passion for coaching others blossomed from the belief that a wise, healthy self already thrives within each of us and that we can lead long, healthy, meaningful lives when we set the wisdom of that healthy self free.

She received her Professional Co-Active Coach Certification from the prestigious Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA in July of 2010.Her clients, both local and national, come from a variety of backgrounds. Some seek her expertise to achieve greater physical fitness and lose just a few pounds, while others grapple with the life threatening illnesses that result from lifelong morbid obesity. She is based in Peoria, Arizona.

Melanie Lane is the author of :

  • The 9 Daily Habits of Healthy People




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