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MICHÈLE HUFF is an attorney who has negotiated on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, including Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems, and Canal+ and start-up companies. She has also negotiated on behalf of hundreds of individual clients and manages the Archer Law Group, a firm specializing in protecting and licensing creative properties.

She is Director of U.C. Berkeley's Business Contracts and Brand Protection Office, and was the University of New Mexico’s lawyer for research, technology and intellectual property where she negotiated agreements with industry, academic institutions, and governmental agencies.

Michèle has taught intellectual property and licensing at the University of New Mexico’s School of Law, and has led negotiation workshops for local community foundations, technology venture associations, and business incubators.She co-presented a session on Transformative Negotiation at NBIA’s 28th International Conference on Business Incubation in New Orleans.


She is the author of:

  • The Transformative Negotiator: Changing the Way We Come to Agreement

She was named one of Albuquerque Business First’s 2014 Women of Influence.




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