All My Friends Are Zeros

All My Friends Are Zeros


Jessica Nicely

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Violence and abuse place their mark on many children. Jessica Nicely is no different from the thousands and perhaps millions who share tragic childhoods.How did she survive and even go on to thrive? How, with a childhood experience nearly at the top of the abuse scale, did she become resilient? Part of the answer was due to her beloved zeros.

In these pages, Jessica bravely tells her story. She recounts a childhood marked by loss and punctuated by physical violence, emotional abuse, and neglect. She describes letdowns from professionals and rays of hope from extended family members and friends—her beloved zeros. You'll learn how she developed the fortitude and endless spirit to not only endure unthinkable suffering in her home but to forgive her abusive father and celebrity-chasing absent mother and emerge a happy, productive adult with a healthy family of her own. A haunting memoir about resilience and cushioned by groundless hope in the midst of alcoholism, suicide, abandonment and worse.<p/> Professionals who work with victims will gain valuable insight from experiencing Jessica's journey, and survivors will leave with renewed hope that they too can over the the trauma of adverse childhood experiences.

Jessica Nicely is the founder of Winged Hope Family Advocacy Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping abused children and women in Arizona where she lives with her husband and two children.

Included—The Adverse Childhood Experiences Score (ACES) test. Take it to calculate your score and discover if you're a zero, a ten, or something between. Knowing your score helps make sense of your childhood, your behaviors, and your relationships.

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Publication date: 2016
Binding: paperback
ISBN (print): 978-1-936268-74-0

Author Info

Jessica Nicely is a dedicated advocate for child abuse prevention, awareness and treatment. Jessica’s career in helping children spans over 17 years and includes her assistance of numerous charitable child abuse prevention organizations. She is founder of Winged Hope Family Advocacy Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to child abuse and domestic violence prevention, awareness and treatment. Jessica is also personally dedicated to the creation and sustainability of Family Advocacy Centers, organizations that are designed to significantly increase the efficacy of abuse and violence investigations, while at the same time reducing the stress and trauma to victims of such violent crimes.

Jessica received a B.A. Degree in English from Arizona State University. Not only is she a published author, but also the Co-Founder and Co-Editor of Savvy Magazine, an international beauty, style and pop culture periodical which featured such starts as Avril Lavigne, Ashley Greene, Jordan Sparks, Victoria Justice, Julianne Hough and many other positive and influential public figures. She resides in Arizona with her husband and two children. Her websites are: and

Praise for All My Friends are Zeros

“Yet another example of the incredible resiliency of the human spirit. A testament to the strength we can all access inside ourselves when faced with extreme adversity. It begs the question what would you do...”
Rebecca Bailey, PhD, author of Safe Kids, Smart Parents

“Jessica triumphs over tragedy and brings joy to the lives of everyone around her and everyone who will read this book. The dichotomy of what it is like to love an abusive parent is rarely talked about and she does so in a beautifully profound way. This book speaks to the importance of holding abusers accountable but also forgiveness for our own hearts. She paves the way for individuals who have experienced trauma to break the cycle of abuse by being incredibly honest and vulnerable about her own experiences, struggles and perseverance.”
Savannah J. Sanders, survivor and author of Sex Trafficking Prevention: A Trauma-Informed Approach for Parents and Professionals

“Jessica overcame obstacles most of us cannot fathom. She continues to be a beacon of hope and light to women and children by offering them a chance to succeed. As a child advocate I applaud her efforts!”
– Pam Gaber, CEO and Founder of Gabriel’s Angels (pet therapy for at-risk children) and author of Gabriel’s Angels–The Story of the Dog Who Inspired a Revolution “Jessica brings a passion and energy in her support for organizations that address child abuse and domestic violence that is contagious. She does so from personal experience and a sincere desire to protect others from abuse and violence. As a police chief, it is encouraging to have Jessica working alongside of law enforcement for the safety of others.”
Jerald L. Monahan, Prescott, Arizona Police Chief, past Chairperson of the Arizona Governor’s Commission to Prevent Violence Against Women