CoParenting Workbook

CoParenting Workbook


CoParenting Workbook

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CoParenting Workbook

Designed for parents who are separated or planning to divorce, this workbook applies and expands the principles set out in Kenneth H. Waldron and Allan R. Koritzinsky’s book Game Theory and the Transformation of Family Law. It is packed with critical background information and useful exercises that ultimately help parents avoid wasting time on negative interactions and instead develop healthy and successful methods for coparenting that put their children first.

Includes exercises that help parents set joint goals for their children, establish rules of conduct, and develop strategies to effectively share information, create smooth transitions, and allow for flexible scheduling that enables both parents to be involved in all facets of their children’s lives “independent of the custody schedule.

Topics include:

Creating conditions for successful co-parenting
Setting joint goals
Establishing rules of conduct for success
Having effective communication – sharing information
Managing transitions
Establishing procedures for access
Similarizing two homes
Having effective communication – taking action


Publication date: 2015
Binding: spiral
Best for: separated or divorced parents


Kenneth H. Waldron, PhD is a Psychologist and mediator with an extensive background in divorce, child custody, and coparenting.

CoParenting Course Online

Developed by Bill Eddy, High Conflict Institute

saves the court time and resources
reduces court appearances
protects children as the family reorganizes


immunize families from becoming high conflict
reduce existing conflict in cases already identified as "high conflict"
increase child's well-being
encourage settlement instead of litigation
effective client engagement & client management