Divorce Workbook: Forming an Effective Team....

Divorce Workbook: Forming an Effective Team....


Kenneth Waldron PhD and Allan Koritzinsky JD

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Divorce Workbook: Forming an Effective Team: Client & Attorney

Designed for people beginning to work with an attorney for their divorce proceedings, this workbook applies the principles set out in Kenneth H. Waldron and Allan R. Koritzinsky’s book Game Theory and the Transformation of Family Law. Its clear, easy-to-follow instructions help clients identify their goals and priorities for their children and for their financial futures—information their attorney will then use to guide the process of cooperative bargaining. 
Step by step, clients work through goal-setting and decision-making exercises for continuing to coparent and care for their minor children and for dividing financial resources, settling debt, and negotiating support. The entire process assumes that divorce proceedings can help spouses develop plans for their individual futures and move closer to their life goals; the proceedings are not about getting mired down in a dispute. The end goal is to achieve a divorce settlement with optimal outcomes for both spouses. 

Financial Disclosure Worksheet
Marital Settlement Agreement Checklist


Publication date: 2015
Pages: 28
Binding: spiral
Best for: anyone going through divorce


Kenneth H. Waldron, PhD is a Psychologist and mediator with an extensive background in divorce, child custody, and coparenting.

Allan R. Koritzinsky is a retired family law attorney, and a consultant in family law, mediation and arbitration.

CoParenting Course Online

Developed by Bill Eddy, High Conflict Institute

saves the court time and resources
reduces court appearances
protects children as the family reorganizes


immunize families from becoming high conflict
reduce existing conflict in cases already identified as "high conflict"
increase child's well-being
encourage settlement instead of litigation
effective client engagement & client management