Ten Child-Centered Forensic Family Evaluation Tools

Ten Child-Centered Forensic Family Evaluation Tools


Benjamin D. Garber, PhD

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Ten Child-Centered Family Evaluation Tools

By Benjamin D. Garber, PhD

This unique volume and the accompanying forms provide you with ten forensic family evaluation tools ready for immediate use. These tools have been developed by Dr. Benjamin D. Garber over the course of more than twenty years and tempered through the process of treating and evaluating hundreds of high conflict families.

Ten Child-Centered Forensic Family Evaluation Tools provides the family law professional with critical means of navigating through the complex and contradictory history and reports that commonly arise in the context of custody-related litigation. These are the tools that have been missing to date, necessary if one hopes to map out the conflicted family’s strengths and weaknesses, needs and wishes in an organized, systematic and reliable manner.

More than just data collection, Ten Child-Centered Forensic Family Evaluation Tools anchors parent, child and third-party report in the hard data underlying psychology and family law. This volume not only makes Dr. Garber’s tools available for immediate use, it provides the reader with up-to-date references to critical areas of inquiry. Responses can thus be interpreted not only by comparison among co-parents, but also by comparison between respondents and the extant literature.

Use of these Ten Child-Centered Forensic Family Evaluation Tools secures evaluations in science, buttresses interpretations in empirical data, and anchors the evaluator’s testimony in the contemporary literature all to the benefit of none so much as the child.

Ten Child-Centered Forensic Family Evaluation Tools is structured into six broad categories. Each begins with an introduction to the general topic, includes an annotated discussion of the instrument(s) being introduced and a select list of references. The tools themselves are laid out page-by-page with critical items highlight and cross-referenced. The accompanying CD-ROM includes all ten tools ready to print and to become the foundation of the professionals’ next forensic family evaluation.

Volume/CD Details

Publisher:  High Conflict Institute Press (HCI Press)
Publication date:  2015
Pages:  115
ISBN (print): 978-1-936268-96-2
Web link and QR code included in the book, giving access to the forms (download, print and save them)

About the Author

Benjamin D. Garber, PhD

Benjamin D. Garber is a New Hampshire licensed psychologist, parenting coordinator and former Guardian ad litem. He provides child-centered, forensic family system evaluations and expert consultations across the United States and Canada. Dr. Garber is an acclaimed speaker, uniquely bringing his knowledge of child and family development to understanding and resolving high conflict custody matters in the best interests of the child. Dr. Garber's forthcoming publication, The Parenting Plan Worksheet: Reducing the Time, Cost and Stress Crafting Child-Centered Outcomes/An Empirically Annotated User's Guide will be released in 2015. In Spring 2016, his book, Letting Go, Holding Tight will be released.

Dr. Garber is the author of numerous other books including:


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