Use Validation to Increase Productivity

So much of the High Conflict Disruptors (HCDs) time is spent in emotions-dominated thinking that they have far less time to spend in logic, left-brained problem-solving. Their right-brain, emotions-based behaviors adversely effect those around them. The result? A multiplier effect of decreased productivity.

Disruptors who are controlling or manipulative may need to go because the opportunity cost of keeping them is too high. It’s the law of diminishing returns. But first you need to see, can the disruptor accept and implement feedback?

timthumbDisruptors who are willing to look at the impact of their behavior on the work setting can become highly productive. People above and beside them can create a validating environment with specific brain and relationship management techniques that help to keep information flowing between the hemispheres.

In his new book NEW WAYS for Work Workbook, Bill Eddy tells us that productivity is enhanced in a validating environment. Any guesses about what it means to create a validating environment?


1. A work environment where one’s contributions are valued by others.

2. A work environment where workers carry their share of the load.

3. A work environment where communication is respectful and hostility is not condoned.

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Megan HunterComment