Dads, Give Your Kids a Present on Father’s Day

Put a new twist on Father’s Day this year: Dads, give your kids and co-parents a present that will last a lifetime. It’s simple and costs nothing. Here’s how:

Write each child a letter about your experience as a Dad:

  • How do you see yourself?
  • How would you like your son or daughter to be like you?
  • In what ways would you like them to be different than you?
  • What are your fondest memories, your deepest hopes and dreams for yourself?
  • For your co-parents?
  • For your kids?

Invite your kids and co-parents to write about you as a Dad:

  • How do they see your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do they wish was different?
  • How would they like to be more like you?

These thoughts can be sealed away in a time capsule to be read at some future date or can be exchanged and discussed on Father’s Day, to become the seeds for growing together and learning about one another.

Happy Father’s Day!

Dr. Benjamin Garber is a New Hampshire licensed psychologist (and a happy father of two). He is the author of several books including Letting Go, Holding Tight (2016); The Healthy Parent’s ABC’s; Keeping Kids Out Of The Middle and Developmental Psychology For Family Law Professionals and scores of popular press and professional publications in all areas of child and family development. He is the winner of the March of Dimes Distinction in Media Excellence award, an acclaimed speaker and professional educator. His website,, is a valuable resource for parents and professionals.