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Parents: It’s time to start thinking “back to school”

Yes, it’s that time again. We’re quickly reaching the end of what seemed last May like an infinitely long tunnel called summer. Whether you’ve vacationed and tanned and exercised, read that book or weeded that garden or accomplished any of the million or so chores you had planned for the season, it’s almost too late now. It’s time to stop procrastinating about what could have been and what should have happened. It’s time to start thinking about school.

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If You Don't Advocate for Your Child, No One Will

I write today as a cynic. I’m not proud of my cynicism, but I accept it and I’ve worked hard to earn it. It’s taken decades to wear down the bright and shiny optimism of youth, a process something like pulling back the curtain in Oz ever so slowly, simultaneously eager and terrified to discover the fat, bald guy pulling the strings. But here I am, face to face with a reality that I must share. It’s just too important to wait for you to figure it out on your own:

If YOU don’t advocate for your child, no one will.
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